DIY Garbage Disposal Cleaner

March 14, 2015

garbage disposal cleanerI’ve always been a very clean and organized person, but since getting married and moving into our own place, it’s crazy how OCD I’ve become over cleaning areas of the house that I never even thought about when I lived with my parents, like the garbage disposal. I typically just pour a boat load of bleach and Pinesol down the drain, and I’m not even sure if it’s safe to mix those two cleansers together. When I found this all natural DIY garbage disposal cleaning solution I decided to give it a try…because I much rather have my home smell like citrus than hazardous chemicals. 

Here’s what you’ll need:
-Citrus peels
-White vinegar
-muffin tins or ice cube tray

Fill muffin tins or ice cube tray with a few citrus peels and white vinegar and put in freezer. To use, place a cube down the disposal and turn it on. The ice actually sharpens the disposal blade, and I was happily surprised by how much the citrus scent filled my kitchen! Here’s another great citrus smelling DIY cleaner for your Spring cleaning  (here)


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Our Wedding

February 14, 2015

K&D-4 copy K&D-3 copy K&D-42 copy K&D-45 copy K&D-65 copy K&D-14 copy K&D-18 copy K&D-19 copy K&D-25 copy K&D-30 copy K&D-29 copy K&D-34 copy K&D-77 copy K&D-119 copy K&D-131 copy K&D-242 copy K&D-248 copy K&D-293 copy K&D-252 copy K&D-478 copy K&D-253 copy K&D-261 copy K&D-287 K&D-297 copy K&D-300 copy K&D-421 copy K&D-408 copy K&D-396 copy K&D-412 copy K&D-350 copy K&D-332 copy K&D-317 copy K&D-303 copyHappy Valentine’s Day! I’ve been wanting to share pictures of our wedding since I first saw them, but you know how busy life can get. I figured if there was ever a time to talk about the best day of my life, it would be today. So here’s how it went down…

After dating for seven years, Daniel and I’s engagement was a long-awaited (some would say “overdue”) announcement for family and friends. Being an avid “party planner”  and DIY enthusiast, it was assumed that I would want an over the top wedding. But, as hundreds of congratulatory phone calls came flooding in, we quickly realized that we wanted to be able to truly focus on us, our love, and our journey to marriage, and not get caught up in the hoopla (and expenses) of wedding planning. So when it came time to plan, small, simple, and private was the vision for our “big” day.

Just four months after the proposal, we decided to get married at my parents home. We knew we wanted a small ceremony, but we also knew the more people who knew about our wedding, the more we would feel pressure to expand the guest list. So in order to keep the ceremony as private as possible, we kept the wedding date a secret to most of our friends, and decided to only invite our immediate family. 

My friends say I will live and die in a mini dress, and they are absolutely right! For the attire, I knew that a traditional, long (white), wedding gown just wasn’t me. But I also didn’t want to go for the typical lace, short bridal dress. So when I spotted this Aidan Mattox cocktail dress, I had to have it (even if I didn’t wear it for my wedding).  Art Deco-inspired, embellished, fringe, champagne colored … it had my name written all over it. Because the dress had so much detail, our florist, Little Miss Lovely (of course), kept the bouquet minimal, with cream and light pink florals. Daniel sported a tailored Banana Republic suit.

With the fireplace as our backdrop, and candle lit vases surround by rose petals, the simple, yet elegant decor made one of the coldest days in December feel warm and intimate. My dad, who is also a pastor, performed the ceremony, and though only a handful of people were present, overwhelming emotions of love and joy filled the room to capacity.

After the ceremony, we went to Historic Downtown Salisbury for pictures with my favorite photographer, Sarah Murray. From playing pianos in lobbies (Daniel is a musician), to drinking hot cocoa at our favorite local coffee shop,  Sarah captured real-life moments in the most beautiful ways.

We didn’t publicly announce our marriage until a few days into our honeymoon. Of course many were disappointed, but being able to solely focus on the marriage, and not the wedding was one of the best decisions we could have made. It was truly OUR day, the most perfect day.


November 20, 2014

living room_4Local realtor, Holly Worthington, is no amateur when it comes to home improvement. With over 8 years of real estate experience and 18 years of flipping houses, she pretty much knows everything there is to know about buying, selling, and renovating homes. So it’s no surprise that her latest flip, 306 S. Clairmont, is now one of the best buys on the market. 
living room living room_3pillow & flowersSitting on a picturesque street in one of Salisbury’s most desired neighborhoods, this 1930’s remodel is the crème de la crème of the block. Having renovated over 20 homes, designing S.Clairmont came easy to Holly. Keep the character, salvage the old, and replace the outdated, was pretty much the blueprint for this three month remodel. The outcome? 1800 sqft of immaculate living space. As if beautiful archways, hidden nooks, and a wall of french doors that lead to a private patio is not charming enough, Holly gave the home an extra dose of personality by adding unique features, like the DIY salad bowl sink in the master bathroom. The kitchen is a chefs dream with its massive granite island, herringbone backsplah and energy efficient appliances. Although Holly’s goal is to resale, she pours her heart and soul into each of her remodels, as if they were her own home. 306 S. Clairmont is truly one of her masterpieces. fireplace fireplace decor_3 light fixture & vases kitchen_6kitchen_9bar stools & table decor kitchen_3sitting roomlight fixture & sinkfront_3 Q&A with Holly:

Design style: I actually don’t have a style. Some people think everything has to be matchy-matchy. I don’t think one thing has to go with another thing. I just find nice pieces and mix them all together.

Inspiration: My dad. He taught himself how to read architectural plans and do landscaping, and it was trial and error. No one really helped my dad, he just learned on his own. That has definitely rubbed off on me.

MLS Specs: Built in 1935, 1800 square feet, 3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths. Priced at $209,900. (More info here)

Favorite feature(s): The kitchen! Before, it was a galley kitchen and very narrow with no storage space. I blew out a wall to make it open. Now it has lots of storage, a downdraft range, all energy efficient, stainless steel appliances, and I love the granite countertops  because it looks like it has black ice on it.

Must-have decor: If I find something that was left in the house like a piece of furniture, or an old light, I try to integrate that piece into the decor. I like my homes to be a mixture of old and new.

Favorite places to shop: Thrift stores like Goodwill, Salvation Army, Habitat for Humanity… you’d be surprise what you can find. And Marshalls for little odds and ends.

Best advice: Always overestimate your budget, especially in older houses because there’s a lot of stuff that you don’t foresee.


I hope you are enjoying East & Lane’s Home Tour series. If you have a home, or know of a home that would be a great feature, please email me at Must be located on Maryland’s Eastern Shore or Delaware Shores.